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Who is Mauro Godoy-Villalobos?

Mauro was born in Santiago de Chile in 1967. lives and is currently active composer in Stockholm. Mauro started as a guitarist with studies at the music conservatory “Civica scuola di música” in Milan. For the past fifteen years, he has expanded into the world of composition and studied for composers such as Henrik Strindberg, Per Mårtensson and Johan Hammerth.

Mauro music has been interpreted by solo instrumentalists as well as orchestras. In his repertoire there is music for sologitarr, piano dance, string quintet, string orchestra, choir and symphony orchestra.

His latest project is a collaboration with guitarist Georg Gulyas, together they work with a guitar concert.

Read more about the project here

Rewards and prizes

1st Prize in MOZART ON..COMPETITION international composition comp.Osaka,Japan 2016

Winner of of the International Call for Scores, Tetraktys Guitar Quartet, Mexico 2016

1st Prize in CLAXICA 2015 international composition competition Bologna,Italy 2015

1st Prize in CGSV International composition competition “Homage to Heitor Villa-Lobos” Melbourne 2015

1st Prize – International Call for Composers conDiT , Buenos Aires 2014

Winner of of the International Call for Scores Spaziomusica Ricerca Cagliari, 2014

Winner of of the International Call for Scores Invisible Cities Project, Napoli 2014

2nd prize in the composition competition “Inför invigningen av Årsta kyrka” for orchestra,harp and organ,Stockholm 2012


Below is a small selection of works by Mauro, click on the pictures to listen and read more

Listen to previous works